Our Impact

Since 1990, we have provided
in donated professional services.
Since 1990, we have helped
local children in need.

Young & Healthy’s impact over a 29 year period sends a strong message to the entire community and beyond: In Pasadena, every child matters.

In fiscal year 2018-2019, Young & Healthy was able to provide comprehensive direct and preventive health services, free of charge, to 14,556 Pasadena-area families, of whom 1,663 received direct clinical services. Our professional and community volunteers collectively provided the equivalent of $1,818,861 in in-kind and donated services to support needy children and their families. Each dollar we raise is matched by an additional $1.00 of donated in-kind services.

When I first learned of Young & Healthy, I thought there wouldn’t be any help or answers that I wanted for my children, but little by little with so much help, they showed me and I feel that today, I now can go to Young & Healthy with trust.
Arlette Alvarado, Client