Young & Healthy Alliance

The Young & Healthy Alliance is an established group of dedicated individuals who believe in investing in our community’s future by providing all children access to quality healthcare. Their mission is to offer philanthropic support, community outreach and unique resources to Young & Healthy. The Alliance is the multi-generational, social wing of Young & Healthy, designed to raise awareness of the vital need for programs and services in a casual, fun atmosphere. In addition to fun social events, each Young & Healthy Alliance program year will culminate in an invitation to join us for a unique first-hand volunteer experience at the annual Mobile Dental Clinic.

A branch of the Young & Healthy Alliance is the Kids’ Alliance. The Kids’ Alliance is a volunteer group open to all children of Alliance members. The Kids’ Alliance is a fun and social way to introduce our next generation of volunteers to the self-satisfaction associated with service, starting with supporting our Mobile Dental Clinic.

Participating in the Mobile Dental Clinic is transformative. Each year, for one week, Young & Healthy provides kids in need of dental care with access to comprehensive dental services in a single, convenient location set up just for them.  If you have not seen the clinic in action, there is no better way to experience the vital work of Young Healthy in an up-close, personal and meaningful way.