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The uncertainty of the pandemic can leave anyone feeling a little “off”. The past 20 months have caused us to take stock of what is most important in our lives and, despite the sorrow, what we are grateful for. Aside from my own family, Young & Healthy is at the top of my list.

Young & Healthy is my work, but it is so much more. Each day we bear witness to the effects of poverty, trauma and the inequities in our society. Yet, we are very lucky to be in a position of abundance…of people who care, both staff and volunteers; abundance of problem solvers who work daily to remedy the inequities that we see; and abundance of hope and grit. Abundance is a gift.

Jamie is one client who helps me keep things in perspective. Sometimes I can be having my own pandemic pity party and then Jamie arrives at our office.  Just noticing him park his bike in our front lobby changes my day. We don’t know what life has thrown at Jamie and why he is living the way he does, but at Young & Healthy it doesn’t really matter, as we are here to help him resolve as many problems as we can. He has needed help with obtaining and utilizing health insurance, finding a doctor, getting medication and obtaining stimulus money so he can survive. The Young & Healthy team has assisted with all of these issues for Jaime. Meanwhile, Jamie has been tenacious and has amazing grit. He is just barely an adult, is mostly homeless and for reasons that we are not privy to, he does not speak. Can you imagine trying to get help understanding your insurance or making a doctor’s appointment over the phone without speaking?

I am immensely proud of the patience, kindness and tenacity our care team delivers to Jamie in abundance without fail every time he visits. Being witness to such loving care snaps me out of my pandemic pity party in a heartbeat. Come visit us at Young & Healthy if your heart needs a little pep talk.

We hope that you will join us in providing care in abundance.  A financial gift does just that.

Be well and stay well,

Mary Donnelly-Crocker

Executive Director



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