September Story of the Month

Helping Systems Work Better

 Six-year-old Sam failed his hearing test at school. The school nurse quickly referred Sam to Young & Healthy. One of our wonderful ENT (Ears, Nose & Throat) volunteer physicians, Dr. Williams, recommended that Sam have his tonsils and adenoids removed and “tubes” inserted in both ears to promote fluid drainage.

Because the child had an urgent health issue, our Family Advocate was able to have his Medi-Cal application expedited. Voila! The child now has full scope Medi-Cal and his surgery has been completed. We all have our fingers crossed that the surgery will restore his hearing. We have heard how it “takes a village” to raise a child–well sometimes it “takes a village” to make a healthcare system work too!

At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

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