September Story of the Month

You Never Stop Learning

Young & Healthy is helping parents thrive! Our parent education classes are a valuable resource for parents in the greater Pasadena area. They are offered free of charge in both English and Spanish to caregivers throughout PUSD. Leila, a mom of three, was attending one of our recent classes at Octavia E. Butler Magnet Middle School and let our Parent Education Program Instructor know that she has been attending the parent education classes since her oldest daughter, Joyce, was in preschool. Joyce is now in middle school and Leila has valued the consistency and support from these classes for all these years. As she faced the challenges and discoveries that come with each age and child, Leila appreciated the safe environment where she felt comfortable and encouraged to share parenting triumphs and concerns while building connections with the other participants. Being a parent means you never stop learning and Young & Healthy is always there to help.

At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

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