September Story of the Month #1

Young & Healthy…Able and Willing

A case manager from the Children’s Law Center of California contacted Young & Healthy for assistance with a client who was a foster care child that had “aged-out” of healthcare coverage and needed to have her braces removed.  Gladys’ healthcare was covered by the state at the time that her braces were put on, but she turned 18 before the braces were ready to come off. The dentist who put her braces on was in Riverside and even though Gladys’ case manager and case worker were willing to drive her to Riverside for treatment, the dentist would not be paid to remove the braces and there was no other funding source to pay for the service.  Gladys’ case manager stated that Young & Healthy was the ONLY organization they could find that was able and willing to help.

Though this outreach for help came from beyond our typical service area, Young & Healthy stepped up, amidst the COVID crisis, to provide an appointment for Gladys to see one of our volunteer dentists for the removal of her braces. Unfortunately, the appointment had to be cancelled when all dentists were forced to close their offices due to COVID-19, which put the removal of the braces on hold.  Luckily, when dentists were able to reopen their offices, the Riverside dentist agreed to remove Gladys’ braces at no cost.

Thankfully, Gladys was able to obtain the care she needed. The Riverside dentist had a big heart and generously agreed to remove the braces for free.  Though one of our providers did not end up seeing this patient, Young & Healthy was the ONLY organization willing to help Gladys…ready to listen and willing to serve! Young & Healthy strives to work with community partners to provide needy children access to quality healthcare, one child at a time.

At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

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