September Story of the Month

Crisis Averted

Recently, our insurance advocate was helping Carla, a mother of four, apply for Medi-Cal insurance for her whole family. While she was in the office, Carla received a call from her babysitter. Her youngest child, Nina was complaining of abdominal pain on her right side.  Carla was distressed, not only did she have to worry about Nina but also how to pay for an expensive hospital visit. Thanks to Young & Healthy’s direct health services programs, Nina was able to be seen at the ER at no cost to the family. Nina was diagnosed with appendicitis and spent the night in the hospital. Fortunately, because it was caught early and Nina had quickly come to the hospital for treatment, surgery wasn’t necessary and Nina’s appendicitis could be treated with medication. Crisis averted!

At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

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