I am just so sick, I probably won’t be around much longer

As a mother, I cannot imagine how awful it would be to hear my special needs child verbalize “I am just so sick, I probably won’t be around much longer”.

Twelve-year-old Isabella was very fragile. She had uncontrolled seizures, unexplained weight loss and found school really hard. Her mom was a little lost too, not really sure how she could help. Isabella and her brother were provided with a volunteer medical home where, for the first time, ONE doctor would provide comprehensive care. Finally someone who could really help! Many appointments and many medication adjustments later, Isabella is a bit more stable and her mom can even tackle her educational needs. Our Young & Healthy staff continues to provide translation services for all their medical appointments and has been instrumental in helping the family understand how to use the special education services available to Isabella.

Many hands make light work–many hearts give hope.

At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

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