I am always amazed (and impressed) by the kids who, in spite of the odds against them, rise up and face each day with optimism.

You’ve all seen a little one with a patch on one eye. Patrick needed one when he was little, but he lacked access to health care and now he has very limited vision in one eye.

At 17, he (yes HE) developed a breast mass. Imagine having Young & Healthy send you to a BREAST CENTER for diagnostic work. With all the grace in the world, he showed up, had a mammogram and luckily found out he DID NOT have cancer.

Oh–did I mention, his mom has cancer and can rarely leave the house.

So, what does Patrick when he needs to pick up the medication to shrink the breast mass? He rides his skate board several miles to one of our volunteer pharmacies of course!

This young man has something we all want–persistent optimism! It is an honor to know him!

At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

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