October Story of the Month

Hope & Healing

Denise hasn’t always had an easy life. What she does have is an aunt and grandmother who love her fiercely. Even with that encircling love, Denise suffers from serious anxiety and depression.

With no insurance, however, it has been difficult for Denise to access the care needed to address her anxiety and depression.
The tenacious women in Denise’s life reached out to Young & Healthy. The team work between the family and Young & Healthy staff has made all the difference for Denise. Together we were able to obtain consent from Denise’s mostly absent parents so that therapeutic services could be provided. Young & Healthy is now tackling her insurance needs for accessing future care.

When families and professionals work together it is amazing the mountains that can be moved. The result — hope and healing for Denise.

At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

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