October Story of the Month


Rebecca, our mindfulness educator, arrived on campus one day and noticed a familiar kindergarten student crying in the hallway. Ramona was a very talkative student, who often was reminded in class not to speak out of turn and was sometimes sent out of the classroom. When Rebecca saw her in the hallway, she assumed that her teacher had sent her out there to calm down. Crouching down to be at her eye level, she asked, “What’s wrong, Ramona?” Still crying, she replied, “My friend took my bike at recess and wouldn’t let me play with it.” She responded, “Aw, Ramona. I’m so sorry. I can see that you’re very sad about that. You are crying.” Ramona sniffled, “Yeah.” Rebecca asked, “Is there anything we’ve been learning in class that you think could help you right now with how you are feeling?” Ramona immediately put her hands on her belly and took deep breaths. Rebecca responded, “Oh! You remember the belly breathing we’ve practiced.” She joined her and they took three more deep breaths together. Ramona then stopped crying and said, “I’m ready to go back to class now,” and she walked back to class with her “breathing teacher”.

Sometimes we all just need to remember to BREATHE!

Check out the video below—it just might help you remember too.



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