October Story of the Month

Collaboration Leads to Positive Results for Kids

Melanie is a particularly bright young lady, especially in math.  It wasn’t a big surprise that she was invited to participate in an accelerated math program at her school.  The staff and volunteers at school knew that Melanie faced some challenges at home.  She had no access to the internet or a telephone.  However, in spite of those obstacles to learning, Melanie was thriving—a least for a while.

Little by little, several adults around her noticed that Melanie was not keeping up and seemed to struggle more and more with her school work.  An alert teacher noticed that she was squinting a lot.  Thinking it might be a vision issue, Melanie was referred to the school nurse. The nurse checked Melanie’s vision and also the vision of her siblings.  All of the children had vision issues that warranted a call to Young & Healthy.  A consultation with an optometrist promptly indicated that all three children were in need of glasses.

With the help of teachers, Young & Healthy and volunteer eye doctors working together, we can positively change the future for our community kids!

At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

Help us continue to make Pasadena a healthier and happier place for everyone.

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