October Story of the Month

Heart & Soul


Can you imagine all the heartache and sadness that comes with being a young widower?  In spite of it all, taking care of his young daughter is a top priority for Dennis. He came to Young & Healthy for help with navigating the insurance system. The Young & Healthy team helped Dennis to transfer his family Medi-Cal from San Bernardino county to Los Angeles county and assisted him in setting up primary care doctors for he and his daughter.

A few months later, Dennis came back because he was having difficulties accessing a specialty doctor.  More trouble-shooting with the Young & Healthy team enabled him to secure an appointment with a cardiologist.

Thank goodness Dennis saw the cardiologist! Consumed with caring for his daughter, he hadn’t realized he had actually had a heart attack. It must be hard sometimes to tell the difference between overwhelming grief and a life threatening medical event. His insurance covered everything and Dennis is doing well.

Sometimes we might forget, among the technicalities of insurance application and advocacy, just how many lives we might be saving.

At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

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