October Story of the Month

Insurance Doesn’t Always Mean ACCESS

 Sasha is young and pregnant.  She had health care coverage under her family’s Medi-Cal insurance. In theory, her prenatal care should all have been taken care of—IN THEORY.

But Sasha has multiple challenges. First, she is no longer welcome at home, so she has lost access to her family’s insurance. Trying to do right by the baby, she sought prenatal care at a local clinic. When she could not pay her bills, she was no longer welcome at the clinic for prenatal care. The domino effect was in full force for Sasha.

When she came to Young & Healthy, the most important issue for Sasha – prenatal care – was addressed immediately! One of our volunteer doctors cared for her, while staff worked hard to obtain an individual insurance plan on her behalf.  Once insurance was obtained for Sasha, we were able to send her back to a local clinic for care and the delivery of her baby. Our doctor filled a gap in service at a very crucial time.

We look forward to meeting Sasha’s baby in a few months when she comes to visit Young & Healthy.

At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

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