October Story of the Month

Tales from the Clinic

It’s Mobile Dental Clinic time at Young & Healthy! We thought we would share some highlights from last year’s clinic that demonstrate the impact we are having on so many Pasadena-area families.

Jessica, a mom to three young children, was shocked to discover that her children had such bad issues with their teeth since they saw a dentist regularly. Their dentist will not work on baby teeth so the children had multiple cavities. Our USC dental students filled the cavities and cleaned their teeth helping to ensure that their permanent teeth will be healthy.

Olivia, a 10th grade student, is an unaccompanied minor who had a crown on her front tooth that was silver. Our MDC dentist was able to give her a porcelain crown which changed her entire demeanor. She left with the biggest smile on her face.

A family from the Philippines was visiting Pasadena for six weeks. They enrolled in our Mobile Dental Clinic and during the process we helped them not only get the children’s teeth cleaned, but also helped the entire family get all their immunizations and apply for Medi-Cal.

One high school student, Romeo, at the conclusion of his appointment received an oral hygiene kit. He had never been instructed on oral care before and proceeded to ask our staff member what every item in the kit was, how to use it, and what the best practices were to care for his teeth.

Often students who participate in the Mobile Dental Clinic have had previous traumatic experiences in the dental chair. Many of them keep coming back to our clinic because we helped them to overcome their previous trauma and they trust our dentists to make the experience pleasant. One parent mentioned that they had been there the entire week and didn’t see one child crying.


At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

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