November Story of the Month

What a Difference a Day Makes

Every year Young & Healthy goes into the Pasadena schools to perform dental screenings in advance of our Mobile Dental Clinic. Our volunteer dentists are amazing and one of them discovered that one high school student, Cristofer, needed to see a dentist urgently. Cristofer is new to the states and had been in discomfort for months. He had never been seen by a dentist before and his pain was making it hard for him to concentrate in school. Within 24 hours, our care team was able to secure an appointment for Cristofer to be seen by one of our professional volunteer dentists. Cristofer had a tooth extracted and was treated for an abscess and infection. What a difference a day makes. Cristofer is now pain-free and excelling again in school.


At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

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