November Story of the Month

One Family at a Time

While Young & Healthy is often known for connecting kids with a doctor or dentist when they are sick or hurting, we have become so much more. We have launched a series of parent education classes that support and build healthier and happier families.

Eleven-year-old Catalina has been attending the sessions with her mom and aunt. When the group was asked if they had anything to share about what they learned and incorporated from previous weeks, Catalina’s hand shot up. She shared that since her mom and aunt have been attending the parent education sessions with her, she feels like they are all talking to each other more. Catalina feels heard and safer because she feels more comfortable sharing her feelings with the adults in her life.

We thank Catalina for sharing her thoughts.  Our children are always paying attention and do notice when parents are trying to make an effort. Young & Healthy has always claimed our motto to be “one child at a time”, but perhaps it’s time to expand this motto to “one family at a time”.

At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

Help us continue to make Pasadena a healthier and happier place for everyone.

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