November Story of the Month

Giving Thanks

Every family needs a leader, someone who can take charge when things get rough. Sometimes we find those leaders in very young children.

Victor is only twelve-years-old but you might never guess that by his actions. Victor is the spokesperson for his family, helping his mom and little sister navigate through life in a new country where they have found themselves receiving services from a homeless program and now Young & Healthy.

Once Victor’s little sister’s severe dental pain was treated by three different volunteer dentists, his own health needs could be addressed. Victor has relentless headaches and is now being treated by a volunteer neurologist. No reason has yet been discovered for these headaches, but the Young & Healthy volunteer doctor continues to search for answers and treat him with such kindness.

Young & Healthy has embraced Victor and his family with appointments, transportation and case management services, but imagine the stress that this young family leader must be under. Perhaps his stress is the genesis of the headaches, which would not be surprising. Thanks to every advocate, every program and every volunteer doctor involved, Victor and his family continue to receive the support and care that they need.

At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

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