May Story of the Month

Step by Step Coordination of Care

A refugee family from Honduras was recently referred to us by a local church.  Carmen, a single mother, has four children, two girls ages 11 and 5, and two boys ages 2 and 7 months. When we met the family, the two youngest children were sick and in need of immediate care, so we set up doctor appointments right away.  It was then that the baby was diagnosed with an upper urinary tract infection, probably due to the fact that the family did not have the money for enough diapers. The baby was provided the necessary prescription.  In the meantime, we also connected the family with Families in Transition at PUSD to help them enroll the two older children in school.  Through this connection, Carmen learned about additional services available to her family, including obtaining some school supplies.

Young & Healthy assisted with transportation and helped Carmen connect with a local parent to aide her with translation and answers about basic living needs.  We also facilitated the enrollment process for the young boys in the Head Start program and communicated back to the church regarding the family’s status.  Our case management staff has coordinated physical examinations and immunizations for all of the children at this point, is working on enrolling the family in MediCal and continues to collaborate with community partners to better support this family overall.  Step by step, we have been able to provide this family with the care they needed for a healthy immersion into their new home and community.


At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

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