March Story of the Month

Insurance Comes Just in Time

Steve is a senior in high school and has been one of the “lucky ones”. Steve and his brothers have been provided a medical home with one of our volunteer doctors since 2010. His pediatrician recently diagnosed an eye problem that required the service of another volunteer doctor, an ophthalmologist. He has a serious bacterial infection in his eyes and has now been linked to the USC Eye Clinic for ongoing care.

In addition, the Young & Healthy insurance team has worked diligently to get Steve full-scope MediCal. With that, his care should continue uninterrupted. This insurance comes just in time, as he will “age out” of many other services when he turns 18. Young & Healthy is glad to be able to make his transition to adulthood a little easier.

At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

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