June Story of the Month

Good Humans at Work

Cassandra has had a very rough year.  Sadly, her mom recently passed away.  As a result, Cassandra is a little bit lost in her daily communications with her dad.  In addition, somehow in the mix of grief and family reorganization, Cassandra’s Medi-Cal coverage has lapsed.  The timing of the lapse of medical coverage could not be worse.  Fifteen year-old Cassandra took an elbow to the mouth while playing soccer and broke a tooth in half.  Two guardian angels, in the form of Young & Healthy volunteer dentists, came to her rescue.  Dr. Shinto initially stabilized her tooth with a “tooth split” and then Dr. McAndrews surgically removed the tooth.  Understanding the plight of this young lady, Dr. Shinto continues to care for Cassandra, providing a partial denture in order to hide the missing tooth.  Young & Healthy is blessed to have such good humans among us.

At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

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