June Story of the Month

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Kindergarten dental screenings are one of our lesser-known programs. We link volunteer dentists with whole classrooms of kindergarteners. They visit the class and do a visual dental screening to check to see if any of the little ones need dental care. During one of these visits, Marcus, a curly haired little guy with a big smile proudly announced, “I am going to the dentist tomorrow.”

“Oh, do you know the name of your dentist?” asked Dr. Lucas.

“Oh yes, Dr. Cavity,” he said confidently.

Without missing a beat, the dentist replied, “Oh yes, I know Dr. Cavity, he is an excellent dentist.” To which Marcus answered, “It is a she.”

“Oh yes, that Dr. Cavity” said Dr. Lucas, and our Program Manager jumped in with, “I am familiar with her work.”

The giggles continued for the rest of the afternoon. The magic of connecting with children is one of the very best things about Young & Healthy.

Happy summer and we hope you get to giggle with a kiddo—it is just the best.

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