June Story of the Month

Another Client Breathes a Little Easier

Twelve-year-old Julia suffers from asthma and allergies.  Last month her mom came into Young & Healthy for help because Julia was running out of her asthma medication and the family had no insurance. Julia’s mom told us about she and her daughter having gone for a walk recently when Julia started to have problems breathing. Mom did not know what to do, other than to give Julia a few Ice Breaker mints and hope that it would help her breathing until they got home.  Mom was under the impression that she did not qualify for MediCal due to her income and that was why her MediCal had been terminated. After a Young & Healthy case manager explained the income qualifications for MediCal with mom, she stated that she and her family should, indeed, qualify for MediCal. It was then that we offered mom assistance with applying for MediCal. In the meantime, we sent Julia to a walk-in clinic the next day and she received prescriptions for the needed asthma medication, which we helped her obtain. Additionally, we facilitated getting a second inhaler for Julia to have at school. Julia was then set up with an appointment to see Dr. Castro at the Huntington Hospital Asthma Clinic for follow-up. Julia is breathing better these days and her mom is thankful for Young & Healthy.

At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

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