July Story of the Month

A Simple Mishap

One’s pinky finger REALLY is not supposed to stick out at a right angle!  It would make anybody cringe to even think about how much pain 14 year-old Julian was in when his pinky finger was injured and sticking out.  That pain was multiplied for his family, living under the constant threat of poverty. Already on the edge of survival, a simple basketball mishap spelled disaster for Julian’s family.

Luckily, Julian’s school knew about Young & Healthy.  A no-cost trip to the emergency room and the follow-up with a hand specialist saved the day.  Julian’s hand is now healing and his parents are no longer in a panic.

During our work with Julian and his family, it was discovered that they qualify for insurance.  Our Young & Healthy team has helped the family to obtain insurance coverage.  Perhaps that broken finger was actually a lucky break.

At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

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