July Story of the Month

It’s a Team Effort

Many times, a person who comes to Young & Healthy for help is assisted by several staff members. A great example of our brand of teamwork is our efforts to help Penelope. Our Program Assistant answered a phone call from a local Pasadena high school teacher and learned that Penelope, a high school student, had passed out in the school bathroom from extreme abdominal pain. Penelope had no health insurance so was nervous about asking for help. The Program Assistant immediately relayed the information to one of our Care Team members who called the school nurse to find out about Penelope’s medical status. The nurse referred Penelope and her sister (who is Penelope’s legal guardian) to our office. When they arrived, one of the Care Team members gave Penelope the necessary paperwork to have her emergency room visit donated by Huntington Hospital, a member of Young & Healthy’s network of professional volunteers. Another Care Worker immediately called Huntington Hospital ER to give them notice that Penelope and her sister were on their way. Penelope was diagnosed with a stomach virus that had caused a very painful inflammation of her liver. She was given intravenous antibiotics and is on the mend. Our Insurance Specialist is assisting Penelope’s sister with her Medi-Cal enrollment, which she initiated the previous week when her sister fell ill. As Penelope heals, she will see a primary care physician whose visit will either be donated through Young & Healthy’s volunteer network or will be covered by their new Medi-Cal insurance. At Young & Healthy we are all invested in our clients, and it is always a team effort.

At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

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