January Story of the Month

When Facebook Makes Your Day

I’ll admit, I am a latecomer to the world of Facebook. Now that I am a regular user, I can see its real value as a communication tool. But the other day, a posting from a friend made my heart do a little dance.

Sue had come to one of my talks about the new health insurance possibilities. She asked tons of questions, mostly about her adult son. He had a back injury that prevented him from getting insurance or ongoing work. This has put an understandable strain on his family. She took this new information about health insurance to her son, who apparently took action.

On January 4th she posted that her son not only had insurance, but had seen a doctor and had an MRI! Imagine just four days into these new plans and he got action. He is hopefully on his way to diagnosis, treatments and a healthier future. Changing his health status will truly have a ripple effect on his entire family.

Believe me, I know this has been a rocky start with Affordable Care Act—and yet hearing about the positive outcome for this young man makes me proud that Young & Healthy is involved. Onward we go!

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