January Story of the Month


Talking about mental health used to be a conversation that was stigmatized and feared. Fortunately, that notion seems to be moving into the past. Where the focus of a child’s wellbeing used to be solely on physical health, parents and care professionals have come to realize that mental health is just as critical. Sadly, sometimes the associated costs for therapy are not sustainable and parents are unable to provide for the care the child so desperately needs.

Scotty is a vibrant and very active first grader. At his school, Scotty has been a part of Young & Healthy’s Mindfulness program. This is a program specifically designed to give children the tools to help with focus, self-soothing, and handling difficult feelings.

Scotty’s mother noticed that he was really doing well in the program but still had some areas of concern in his overall mental wellbeing. She wanted to have a professional work with him, but at $200 per visit, it seemed out of reach. When she told us of her limitations, we saw an opportunity to help. In coordination with Pasadena Unified School District’s THRIVE mental health program, we were able to connect Scotty (and his mom!) with the services they were seeking. As a result of Scotty’s participation in this mental health program, both he and his mom are thriving!

At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

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