January Story of the Month

Here to Serve When Most Needed

During the pandemic, Young & Healthy had a mother reach out asking if we had any literature on grief that could help a family cope with the loss of a family member. The mother seemed desperate and she explained that she needed literature specifically focused toward a five-year-old child. The woman’s husband had been admitted to the hospital with serious COVID-19 symptoms and subsequently passed away at the hospital. She needed to tell her son what had happened but was terrified of not being able to help him cope with the loss and this life-changing news. This particular family trusted Young & Healthy because they have been long-time clients.

A member of our care team asked our Executive Director if she had any literature that could help this family through their grieving process after losing their family patriarch. Mary quickly researched some relevant book titles and ordered them immediately. Within three days, Young & Healthy was able to deliver to the mom a handful of grief and loss literature geared toward children and adults  along with a box of cleaning supplies and toiletries. The family was extremely grateful for the assistance and compassion we provided them. Young & Healthy was more than happy to assist this family in dealing with their very sad loss.

At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

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