January Story of the Month

Having Insurance Does Not Always Translate to Access to Care

Randy, a single dad, recently and unexpectedly lost his job.  The instant decline in his income qualified he and his daughter for a different kind of insurance—Medi-Cal.  Young & Healthy assisted in signing them up for the Medi-Cal insurance.  A few months later, Randy returned to Young & Healthy for help in accessing a cardiologist.  Even though Randy was fully insured with Medi-Cal, finding a cardiologist that would take the Medi-Cal was no easy task.  This was one of those times where having insurance doesn’t always mean having access to care.

A full year from Randy’s initial contact with Young & Healthy, he returned to our office to thank the case management team for helping him to finally get to a cardiologist.  As it turned out, Randy had had a silent heart attack, but was now recovering well and under a doctor’s care.  It was no small miracle that his daughter still has a dad.

Once again, Young & Healthy’s compassionate help and coordination assisted a client who otherwise was trapped with insurance, but without access to care when it really mattered.  Our staff was relieved to know that Randy received the care he needed, and in what may have been the nick of time.

At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

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