January Story of the Month

When Life Prevents Use of Insurance

Mikey has been through a lot. His tooth really hurts, but unfortunately that is the least of it.

Mikey’s mom has been a victim of domestic violence, which has required a restraining order against his dad.  Sadly, dad holds all of the home accounts for water, gas, power, etc. in his name and has cancelled all services.  He also controls all access to the family’s health insurance.  In addition, for some time, Mikey and his mom have been homeless!

Untangling the red tape of the family’s insurance could easily take up to six months.  Mikey and his mom came to Young & Healthy to gain access to a dentist in order to get Mikey the care he needs.   No one, especially an eleven-year-old in pain, should have to wait to see a dentist.   With Young & Healthy’s assistance, he didn’t have to wait.  Mikely was immediately sent to a volunteer dentist.   His little life has enough pain and suffering already, and now, a tooth ache isn’t a part of it.




At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

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