January Story of the Month

Even if one person in a family begins a mindfulness practice…the whole family can benefit.

Paul, the father of kindergartner, Maxine, reported, “Last night, Maxine and I were getting frustrated with each other, like fathers and daughters do sometimes, and then Maxine suggested that we try to calm down by practicing some mindfulness together. She went and grabbed her heart pillow and had me lay down. She taught me how to use the pillow by placing it on my belly and watching it move up and down as I breathed. We quickly stopped being frustrated with one another and felt calmer because we were doing something relaxing together. We then used a meditation app on my cell phone so that we could keep practicing and relaxing. Maxine put headphones in my ears and I actually fell asleep. While I was sleeping, my younger son woke up from his nap crying. My wife said she saw him come over and put his hands over my ears so I could keep sleeping. The practice of mindfulness has been really helpful for all of us.”

Perhaps we should allow our children lead us!  After just a few of Young & Healthy’s mindfulness classes, six-year-old Maxine is leading her family to calmness and connection. Let’s all take a long deep breath and say “Ahhhhhhhhh…!”

At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

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