Insurance Assistance

Since the beginning of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), our insurance outreach and access to care program has assisted many families with enrollment in and navigation of the often-complicated healthcare system. Our goal is to engage, inform and enroll Pasadena area individuals and families who are eligible for coverage under the ACA and to assist the residually uninsured to be able to access needed care. Young & Healthy’s team of certified insurance assistors is available to help families enroll in Medi-Cal or Covered California.

Insurance Enrollment
  • We can help you identify the insurance plans for which you may qualify.
  • We offer our clients one-on-one confidential assistance with completing their application to Covered California or Medi-Cal
  • Our case managers will follow-up to ensure your acceptance to the program for which you applied.  
  • You can trust that we will work to find you the access to healthcare that you need.
Navigate & Understand Your Insurance

Our case management team is prepared to support you if you have insurance but are having trouble accessing care.  Perhaps you do not know who your doctor is or do not know what services should be covered by your insurance….we can help!  By screening your insurance status, we can provide you with needed education and instructions on how to resolve your issue(s).  

Medi-Cal and Covered California operate within a bureaucratic system that can often block a person’s access to care.  We provide whatever level of support you need in order to navigate that complicated system.


Young & Healthy is here to advocate on your behalf!  Many insurance or health access problems arise when families have been wrongfully denied Medi-Cal or Covered California insurance or the information they have been given is inaccurate. The health insurance arena is complicated and often not easy to navigate. Young & Healthy case managers will work with the appropriate county office or clinic billing department in order to resolve whatever issue you might be experiencing. Our goal is for you and your family to be able to gain access to the care you need.  

Not sure if Young & Healthy can help with your insurance issues? Give us a call to find out. Contact our office at 626.795.5166.