February Story of the Month

I know I wasn’t this brave at 17

Poor, sweet Celine was crying in class.  Her compassionate teacher reached out to Young & Healthy to get her help with her increasing dental pain.  Her oral health needs are only a part of this 17-year-old’s story.

Celine travelled from South America to find the one relative she thought she could count on.  She did this alone.  Her slightly older brother is doing everything he can to support her, but this requires long hours as a day laborer.  He gets no sick leave or days off.  When it came to getting Celine to a dentist, it was the Young & Healthy staff who stepped in to provide transportation and translation.  With the help of several volunteer dentists and an oral surgeon, Celine is now on her way to being pain free.

Would you have been brave enough to do what Celine has done?   Young & Healthy is happy to have provided a bit of support along her way.


At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

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