February Story of the Month

It Took A “Village”:

Last week, every single member of our referral team was on a call at the same time– for one child.

Maribella had come to apply for Medi-Cal but it quickly became evident to the staff that they were witnessing a true mental health emergency. Even without speaking to each other, they just KNEW they could not let this mother leave our office without the help she needed for her child. They flew into action.

A long history of devastating family tragedy brought them to this day, and at just 11 years old, Maribella’s child was hearing voices telling her to hurt herself.

Call: The on-site school therapist and ask for an emergency assessment of the young girl.

Call: Arrange for a next-day therapy appointment with our volunteers at Fuller Child Guidance Clinic.

Call: Our colleagues at Pacific Clinics for a complete psychiatric assessment.

Call: Medi-Cal to get them on the FAST TRACK for insurance approval.

By the time Maribella left our office two hours later, her child had been evaluated and deemed in psychological crisis, a  next-day appointment at Fuller had been arranged and a follow-up appointment with Pacific Clinics had been set.

For anyone who has even dabbled in case management, achieving even one of those services in a day would be a miracle. It is a testament to both our staff and to the wonderful relationships we have with colleagues and volunteers in the community that made this possible.

This family has a long road ahead, but they are now, at least, ON THE ROAD. Young & Healthy will be there with them as they tackle these next steps.

Some days it truly does take a village–the YOUNG & HEALTHY village.

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