Donate to Young & Healthy’s Annual Appeal

During this season of giving, we hope you will remember Young & Healthy and the children we serve.  Your year-end gift can make it possible for a child to have a pair of glasses to see the chalk board at school.  Or it could mean that a child can get the asthma medication he needs to control his wheezing.  There are so many situations like these and Young & Healthy can continue to help these children…Now & Always…but only with your help!


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Season’s Greetings,

Let us introduce you to Marco, a particularly bright young boy, especially in math.  It is no surprise that Marco was invited to participate in an accelerated math program at his school.  School staff and volunteers knew, however, that Marco faced some challenges at home, such as no access to the internet or a telephone.  In spite of those obstacles to learning, Marco was thriving—a least for a while.

Over time, several adults around Marco noticed that he was not keeping up and seemed to struggle more and more with his school work.  An alert teacher noticed that he was squinting a lot.  Thinking it might be a vision issue, Marco was referred to the school nurse. The nurse checked Marco’s vision and also the vision of his siblings.  All of the children had vision issues that warranted a call to Young & Healthy.  A consultation with an optometrist promptly resulted in the need for glasses for all three children.  With the help of teachers, Young & Healthy and volunteer professionals working together, we were able to actively say “YES” to Marco and his siblings’ needs.

Young & Healthy continues to say “YES” every day by providing needed medical, dental and mental health services via our professional volunteers and by providing the education necessary for families to be their own health advocates.  But, we need you to also say “YES,” such that we can be there for our children needing healthcare…Now & Always.  Together, we can make a difference for so many and bring overall wellness to our families.  Our work of empathy and sensitivity comes in the form of:

  • Eyeglasses so that a child is able to do his homework and focus in the classroom
  • Trauma Informed Care training for the teachers and leaders at our schools
  • Asthma medication for a child who has a tough time breathing
  • A referral to a dentist to fill painful cavities

Collectively, we have the opportunity to say “YES” and bring hope to kids who need help.  It is our hope that you will join us in embracing care for the whole child and in continuing to serve the underserved in order to strengthen our community overall.  Can we count on you to say “YES”?

Thank you for your generosity,

Jason Lyon                                                                        Mary Donnelly-Crocker

Young & Healthy Board President                               Executive Director


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At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

Help us continue to make Pasadena a healthier and happier place for everyone.

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