December Story of the Month

Two Doctors, One Family

When we speak about Young & Healthy, we often talk about serving two constituents:  our client families AND our volunteers. Sometimes serving both groups takes interesting and intersecting turns. Our care for children and families is paramount, but we could not offer these services without the time and dedication of our valued community and professional volunteers.

It is not uncommon for teenagers (or their moms) to reach out to Young & Healthy when they need to complete volunteer service hours. Years ago, that was the case when we learned of a young PUSD student who wanted to volunteer and was also interested in studying pharmacology. Our volunteer coordinator set up an internship for this student with one of our Young & Healthy pharmacists. Fast forward, after several years of advanced studies, and young Axxel is now a Doctor of Pharmacology!  And, YES, he has become a Young & Healthy volunteer!

Siblings often have a healthy competition with each other, and this seems to be true for Axxel and his brother, Jose Antonio. Jose Antonio is now a pediatrician in San Antonio, doing a fellowship in Pulmonology. Jose Antonio has already committed to becoming a Young & Healthy volunteer doctor when he returns to his hometown of Pasadena next year. That’s TWO Dr. Palomares’ and one very dedicated family!  We could not be more proud to welcome them as part of the Young & Healthy team.


Jose Antonio

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