December Story of the Month

A Case of Navigation

A local parent named Liza visited Young & Healthy to request help with her insurance situation. Liza is planning to retire soon, but was told that she needs to wait a year before she qualifies for Medi-Care. In the interim, Liza figured she would apply for Covered CA insurance, so her son helped her apply. Unfortunately, her son did the application incorrectly and Liza was deemed ineligible for any assistance and was told to seek Medi-Cal insurance instead.

Young & Healthy stepped in to help guide Liza’s son as to what to say to Covered CA to get Liza appropriately qualified for that insurance, which WAS the correct coverage. Liza’s son told our case manager “You helped me not to worry because you never panicked. Your clear and concise answers helped me understand how I messed up. But you didn’t tell me that I messed up. Instead, you just helped me fix the problem.”

Some patience and a little help navigating the system is often all that a client needs.

At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

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