December Story of the Month

Michelle has more than the normal amount of anxiety for a teen.  In fact, she has a serious anxiety disorder requiring daily medication and weekly therapy. Luckily, she has Medi-Cal, a form of public insurance to help her access the care she needs.  However, Michelle came to Young & Healthy when she needed some dental work done, which was a little odd, since the dental arm of Medi-Cal, called Denti-Cal, should have covered that care as well. Denti-Cal told Michelle’s mom over and over that they would not cover the special sedation that this very anxious young lady needed. Try as she might to fix this situation, Mom was stymied and came to Young & Healthy for help.

Our case manager, Ana, was able to set up a three-way conference call with herself, Denti-Cal and Michelle’s mom. With one phone call, all of the roadblocks were removed and Michelle was on her way to having her dental work done with the appropriate level of sedation.  Mom commented, “Ana did the impossible!”

What often seems impossible to our clients, just requires a bit of tenacity on the part of our case managers. This was a good day!

At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

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