Coordinated Community Response

This initiative is designed to provide a trauma-responsive approach to critical incidents in our community. The goal is to ensure the best possible outcomes for children and their caregivers who are impacted by the incident, particularly in its immediate aftermath as the community responds in real time.

Our Objectives


Create a response that coordinates with law enforcement and school district officials and leverages community resources to help children and families in greater Pasadena cope with sudden, traumatic experiences.


Work closely with first responders, PUSD staff, victims, and bystanders in a highly cooperative manner in order to better respond to those impacted by critical incidents.


Provide a blueprint to optimally utilize our collective resources to best support those impacted by trauma stemming from any critical incident.


Provide Trauma Responsive Training to Community Leaders and enhance our community’s understanding of the impact of critical incidents on our community’s children, caregivers, educators, and responders through a series of trauma-responsive trainings.

Coordinated Community Response grant generously provided by Kaiser

Community Meetings and Trainings