Category: Story of the Month

January Story of the Month

Even When You Do Things Right

It seems like this family should “make it”. The Chung family owns a small business that was started to support their family of nine. Life is busy with four daughters and three sons. Their life was “working” until their business began to fail. Because they technically still have a business on the books, it makes it really hard to get the kids the health insurance that they need. The family is truly between a rock and a hard place. Their business can’t support private family insurance, yet Medi-Cal is also out of reach because of the business. Luckily, Young & Healthy can drive a wedge between that rock and hard place and provide the children with medical and dental care. These are the children Young & Healthy was created for and we are grateful to our volunteer doctors who generously provide that care.

December Story of the Month

Beyond Brave

Can you imagine seeking shelter and safety in a completely new country…and doing it alone?

Seventeen-year-old Bianca fled a life of violence, which included watching her own father die. Lucky for her she landed at Blair High School where their amazing team assembled a myriad of support and resources for her. Young & Healthy was called upon to help with her very dramatic needs for mental health services. It seems like such a small thing to do when she has had so many obstacles to overcome in her young life. It is our hope that kind and compassionate therapeutic services will help her move forward in her life. Our services are just piece of the puzzle for Bianca, but we are grateful to be able to help.

November Story of the Month

One Family at a Time

While Young & Healthy is often known for connecting kids with a doctor or dentist when they are sick or hurting, we have become so much more. We have launched a series of parent education classes that support and build healthier and happier families.

Eleven-year-old Catalina has been attending the sessions with her mom and aunt. When the group was asked if they had anything to share about what they learned and incorporated from previous weeks, Catalina’s hand shot up. She shared that since her mom and aunt have been attending the parent education sessions with her, she feels like they are all talking to each other more. Catalina feels heard and safer because she feels more comfortable sharing her feelings with the adults in her life.

We thank Catalina for sharing her thoughts.  Our children are always paying attention and do notice when parents are trying to make an effort. Young & Healthy has always claimed our motto to be “one child at a time”, but perhaps it’s time to expand this motto to “one family at a time”.

October Story of the Month

Hope & Healing

Denise hasn’t always had an easy life. What she does have is an aunt and grandmother who love her fiercely. Even with that encircling love, Denise suffers from serious anxiety and depression.

With no insurance, however, it has been difficult for Denise to access the care needed to address her anxiety and depression.
The tenacious women in Denise’s life reached out to Young & Healthy. The team work between the family and Young & Healthy staff has made all the difference for Denise. Together we were able to obtain consent from Denise’s mostly absent parents so that therapeutic services could be provided. Young & Healthy is now tackling her insurance needs for accessing future care.

When families and professionals work together it is amazing the mountains that can be moved. The result — hope and healing for Denise.

September Story of the Month

Allergies are Annoying

Allergies can cause itching, sneezing, and sometimes wheezing.  Allergies are best treated when you take your prescribed medication. Twelve-year-old Gabby really wants to take her medicine for her allergies but she can’t…at least not at school. Taking any medication at school requires a doctor’s note and if you don’t have a note or perhaps don’t even have a doctor, you itch, sneeze, and wheeze at school.

With a referral to Young & Healthy, Gabby was able to see a dermatologist promptly. During her dermatology visit, Gabby’s allergies were addressed and a mysterious cyst was discovered that needed attention.

Gabby now has a dermatologist who is monitoring her allergies and the cyst, has the necessary doctor’s note for taking allergy medicine at school and has applied for Medi-Cal insurance to cover all of this in the future. It all took just one phone call to Young & Healthy!