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October Story of the Month

Hope & Healing

Denise hasn’t always had an easy life. What she does have is an aunt and grandmother who love her fiercely. Even with that encircling love, Denise suffers from serious anxiety and depression.

With no insurance, however, it has been difficult for Denise to access the care needed to address her anxiety and depression.
The tenacious women in Denise’s life reached out to Young & Healthy. The team work between the family and Young & Healthy staff has made all the difference for Denise. Together we were able to obtain consent from Denise’s mostly absent parents so that therapeutic services could be provided. Young & Healthy is now tackling her insurance needs for accessing future care.

When families and professionals work together it is amazing the mountains that can be moved. The result — hope and healing for Denise.

September Story of the Month

Allergies are Annoying

Allergies can cause itching, sneezing, and sometimes wheezing.  Allergies are best treated when you take your prescribed medication. Twelve-year-old Gabby really wants to take her medicine for her allergies but she can’t…at least not at school. Taking any medication at school requires a doctor’s note and if you don’t have a note or perhaps don’t even have a doctor, you itch, sneeze, and wheeze at school.

With a referral to Young & Healthy, Gabby was able to see a dermatologist promptly. During her dermatology visit, Gabby’s allergies were addressed and a mysterious cyst was discovered that needed attention.

Gabby now has a dermatologist who is monitoring her allergies and the cyst, has the necessary doctor’s note for taking allergy medicine at school and has applied for Medi-Cal insurance to cover all of this in the future. It all took just one phone call to Young & Healthy!

July Story of the Month

Insurance Coverage is One Thing. Accessing that Care is Another.

Meet Nikki, who was referred to Young & Healthy by South Pasadena High School early this spring.  Nikki is an 18-year-old foster youth who had a bad case of hives on the day she was referred.  At the time, Nikki had full scope MediCal coverage….in San Bernardino County.  Unfortunately, coverage in San Bernardino County is not helpful when a person is living in Los Angeles County and needs to access healthcare.  Young & Healthy offered to assist with getting Nikki’s MediCal coverage transferred to Los Angeles County, but her family was already working with a social worker to get this done.  In any case, this process takes time.

In the meantime, Nikki needed immediate help with her hive situation, so our case management team set her up with an appointment to see a doctor right away.  Follow-up reports from the doctor suggested that Nikki had pelvic pain and needed to see a Gynecologist and that she could also benefit from seeing a Psychiatrist.  Nikki already had a Psychiatrist coming to her home to lend assistance, but Young & Healthy was able to get Nikki an appointment to see a Gynecologist.  After a pelvic ultrasound and physician visit, Nikki turned out to be just fine.

Now Nikki officially has MediCal insurance through Los Angeles County and is able to access care using that coverage.  But what would have happened if she had not had Young & Healthy’s help in the interim?  Nikki is not alone in her situation.  It is not necessarily unusual for foster youth to need to wait for a change in insurance coverage when they move to a new county.  Young & Healthy remains available to help these individuals so that they may obtain the care that they need.

June Story of the Month

Another Client Breathes a Little Easier

Twelve-year-old Julia suffers from asthma and allergies.  Last month her mom came into Young & Healthy for help because Julia was running out of her asthma medication and the family had no insurance. Julia’s mom told us about she and her daughter having gone for a walk recently when Julia started to have problems breathing. Mom did not know what to do, other than to give Julia a few Ice Breaker mints and hope that it would help her breathing until they got home.  Mom was under the impression that she did not qualify for MediCal due to her income and that was why her MediCal had been terminated. After a Young & Healthy case manager explained the income qualifications for MediCal with mom, she stated that she and her family should, indeed, qualify for MediCal. It was then that we offered mom assistance with applying for MediCal. In the meantime, we sent Julia to a walk-in clinic the next day and she received prescriptions for the needed asthma medication, which we helped her obtain. Additionally, we facilitated getting a second inhaler for Julia to have at school. Julia was then set up with an appointment to see Dr. Castro at the Huntington Hospital Asthma Clinic for follow-up. Julia is breathing better these days and her mom is thankful for Young & Healthy.

May Story of the Month

Step by Step Coordination of Care

A refugee family from Honduras was recently referred to us by a local church.  Carmen, a single mother, has four children, two girls ages 11 and 5, and two boys ages 2 and 7 months. When we met the family, the two youngest children were sick and in need of immediate care, so we set up doctor appointments right away.  It was then that the baby was diagnosed with an upper urinary tract infection, probably due to the fact that the family did not have the money for enough diapers. The baby was provided the necessary prescription.  In the meantime, we also connected the family with Families in Transition at PUSD to help them enroll the two older children in school.  Through this connection, Carmen learned about additional services available to her family, including obtaining some school supplies.

Young & Healthy assisted with transportation and helped Carmen connect with a local parent to aide her with translation and answers about basic living needs.  We also facilitated the enrollment process for the young boys in the Head Start program and communicated back to the church regarding the family’s status.  Our case management staff has coordinated physical examinations and immunizations for all of the children at this point, is working on enrolling the family in MediCal and continues to collaborate with community partners to better support this family overall.  Step by step, we have been able to provide this family with the care they needed for a healthy immersion into their new home and community.