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May Story of the Month

If There’s a Will, There’s a Way

Imagine you are a 17-year old girl with mental health issues and being told you cannot receive the immediate care that you need simply because you don’t have a parent or legal guardian.  Tamara was having suicidal ideation and was referred to us by a social worker at PUSD. She needed help immediately. Our insurance outreach specialist discovered that MediCal could provide the help she needed by using a special enrollment that took effect in January of 2022. This new enrollment enables 17 year olds to secure mental health services without having parent or guardian notification or approval.

Tamara is now receiving the life saving care she needs and deserves and her new insurance will provide her care for the next year. We wish Tamara all the best on her journey to health.

April Story of the Month

Speaking Up for Yourself

Learning to advocate for oneself takes time and practice. One high school student knew she needed to have dental treatment and called Young & Healthy so our case worker could explain to her mom that services would be free, and the parents would not be charged for any services rendered. This young woman found her voice and made sure to use it. She participated in and received overdue dental treatment and by advocating for herself, she helped her parents learn that there is help in the community. We take pride in being a safety net for families, and as a health advocacy non-profit, we’re also in the business of empowering individuals to advocate for themselves and help families learn about advocacy through us.


March Story of the Month

Changing Lives One Smile at a Time

Safety is an integral part of Young & Healthy’s Mobile Dental Clinic. While the dentists do the heavy lifting, the Y & H staff and volunteers make sure that students make it to the clinic and back to class safely. One junior high student showed up to her appointments on time but would not say a word. She rushed back to class so quickly that it was hard for the staffer to keep up with her.  She set the tone by having her guard up and choosing not to interact with staff. Being a Young & Healthy trauma informed employee has its perks and helped the staffer make conscious choices on how to interact with her.  The staffer gave the student her space and explained that they knew she was more than capable of walking herself back to class but that her safe return to class was part of the success in putting the clinic together. The student listened but did not respond. On the last day of the Mobile Dental Clinic, this young lady was a different person. She was happy and engaged in small talk, asking if we would be back and wanting to know more about the services we provide. When asked about her experience in the clinic, she said “Today they fixed my front teeth, one was chipped, and another had a stain.” The pinnacle moment in her first Mobile Dental Clinic experience was this last day. Her experience will leave a timeless impact on her self-image. It changed how she walked, how she talked, and most importantly how she felt. By not passing judgement and treating her with respect we saw her become fully herself once the reason for her self-consciousness was erased. Just another way that Young & Healthy is impacting lives for the better.

February Story of the Month

Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover

Young & Healthy has spent the last several years teaching the community about ACEs – Adverse Childhood Experiences, and how these very stressful events in childhood can affect our brains and bodies in dramatic ways. Exposure to child abuse, substance abuse, family violence, just to name a few, alter the way we learn, emote and process stress. Sometimes I think we make assumptions about what someone with a high ACE score might look like – bedraggled, angry, uncooperative. Sometimes we would be right, but lots of times, we’d be wrong.

People are very good at hiding their pain. Sofia, a sweet, nicely dressed (ironed jeans & ironed t-shirt) young woman, arrived at our office with her adorable little boy. He was shy, hiding behind his mom, with a mop of curls that made you want to reach over and tousle them. Talking with Sofia, I learned that she was here to get help with her taxes. She said the DV shelter had sent her. Young & Healthy is more than happy to help them with their taxes or anything else they need. I made cheery conversation and got the little guy a teddy bear. I was smiling and hopefully helpful, but my heart was breaking.

When she said a DV shelter sent her, short for Domestic Violence, my heart sank and a lump appeared in my throat. Racing through my mind were all the statistics I knew – it takes an average of 18 attempts before a woman successfully escapes a violent partner and they are in escalating danger with each attempt to leave. I also knew with devastating clarity the damage domestic violence was doing to this darling little boy and his still growing brain,

And yet, here they were, safe in a shelter getting necessary help and resources. And here we were, able to deliver some of those resources. These moments are reminders to us all, you never really know what burdens people carry. You just can’t tell by outward appearances.

But what we do know is that kindness and compassion go a long way.

It is a gift we all have to give.


January Story of the Month

Here to Serve When Most Needed

During the pandemic, Young & Healthy had a mother reach out asking if we had any literature on grief that could help a family cope with the loss of a family member. The mother seemed desperate and she explained that she needed literature specifically focused toward a five-year-old child. The woman’s husband had been admitted to the hospital with serious COVID-19 symptoms and subsequently passed away at the hospital. She needed to tell her son what had happened but was terrified of not being able to help him cope with the loss and this life-changing news. This particular family trusted Young & Healthy because they have been long-time clients.

A member of our care team asked our Executive Director if she had any literature that could help this family through their grieving process after losing their family patriarch. Mary quickly researched some relevant book titles and ordered them immediately. Within three days, Young & Healthy was able to deliver to the mom a handful of grief and loss literature geared toward children and adults  along with a box of cleaning supplies and toiletries. The family was extremely grateful for the assistance and compassion we provided them. Young & Healthy was more than happy to assist this family in dealing with their very sad loss.