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February Story of the Month


What a Relief

Jessica was having issues accessing care and utilizing her Covered CA insurance. Upon her attempt to straighten out the insurance issues, she was incorrectly directed to Medi-Cal.  The time that she was forced to spend entangled in the healthcare “web” forced Jessica to have to delay several necessary and already scheduled surgeries.

Though Jessica had heard of Young & Healthy before, she forgot about us until she was at a dead end and had nowhere else to go. When she connected with our office, one of our case managers was able to resolve in a single afternoon what had already taken 3 months for Jessica to try to figure out.  As a result, Jessica was able to go back onto a Covered CA plan and her needed surgeries have been rescheduled.

January Story of the Month


Community Partners in Action

Six-year-old Stacy was referred to Young & Healthy by a community partner, Vision to Learn, for help getting a vision exam.  Stacy’s mom, Gina, is a single mother of three and had been living with her children in a shelter for 8 months.  Despite having active health insurance for Stacy, Gina was unable to get an appointment for a vision exam because most optometrist offices were closed due to the COVID situation. At the time, we were not able to assist Gina and Stacy for the same reason.

In a follow-up call a few weeks later, Gina informed us that she had transitioned out of the shelter and was living in an apartment. By that time, some doctor offices had reopened and we were able to assist with the vision exam and glasses for Stacy.

Also during our follow-up conversation with Gina, she explained that her children did not have clothes and that they needed some learning materials, since they were at home due to the virus. With the partnering help of The Assistance League of Pasadena, we were able to support the family with clothes for Stacy and her siblings. Since Gina does not drive, Young & Healthy delivered the clothes and picked up school supplies from the Altadena Library for the children. Gina was so grateful for the assistance and delivery because she suffers from migraines and Stacy has multiple health problems. Gina did not feel comfortable taking public transportation, in light of the current pandemic.

Working together as a community, we were able to assist this family when they needed help the most!

December Story of the Month

A Case of Navigation

A local parent named Liza visited Young & Healthy to request help with her insurance situation. Liza is planning to retire soon, but was told that she needs to wait a year before she qualifies for Medi-Care. In the interim, Liza figured she would apply for Covered CA insurance, so her son helped her apply. Unfortunately, her son did the application incorrectly and Liza was deemed ineligible for any assistance and was told to seek Medi-Cal insurance instead.

Young & Healthy stepped in to help guide Liza’s son as to what to say to Covered CA to get Liza appropriately qualified for that insurance, which WAS the correct coverage. Liza’s son told our case manager “You helped me not to worry because you never panicked. Your clear and concise answers helped me understand how I messed up. But you didn’t tell me that I messed up. Instead, you just helped me fix the problem.”

Some patience and a little help navigating the system is often all that a client needs.

November Story of the Month

A Clear Solution

A mother recently reached out to Young & Healthy via Face Book because her eleven-year-old son, Gabe, broke his glasses and needed to replace them.  Though Gabe has insurance, he was being denied access to care by his optometrist. The optometrist’s office had been forced to reduce its number of staff members in the office due to the COVID pandemic and could not continue to see the regular volume of patients, so they decided to stop seeing Medi-Cal patients for the time being.

Understandably, Gabe’s mom was very concerned because he needs his glasses to see. She managed to get the lens prescription from the original optometrist and then our Young & Healthy professional volunteer optometrist, Dr. Korth, donated the glasses for Gabe. Mom called Young & Healthy her “guardian angel” because she couldn’t afford the cost to replace the glasses. Gabe has now started school and is able to see with his new glasses.


October Story of the Month

Simple is Good

Just before the pandemic shutdown, eleven-year-old sisters Amber and Zelphanie participated in our annual Mobile Dental Clinic. During the course of the clinic, we discovered that both girls could really use eye exams, as well.

Then, the shutdown happened and all non-essential health services came to a grinding halt and the twins had to wait.

In June, when the world began to open up a bit, we were able to schedule eye exams for both girls. As it turns out, only Amber needed glasses and she was excited to pick them out. She was even more excited to begin wearing them. In fact, she never takes them off!

Her mom called to say how grateful she is “for this priceless gift”.

Sometimes, we don’t have to move mountains to lift burdens. Sometimes we underestimate the power of something as simple as a new pair of glasses. Simple is good.