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September Story of the Month

Seeing is Believing

Sixteen-year-old Maricella had a rough start in life.  After many years of heartache and neglect, she ended up in the loving home of her aunt.  Trying to “make things right” for her niece, she brought her to Young & Healthy.  Maricella still had the same glasses, battered and taped up, that she’d had since she was nine-years-old.

A volunteer optometrist performed an eye exam and updated the long overdue prescription.  When Maricella went for her final fitting, her reaction was simple. Tears–big crocodile tears rolled down her face. Tears, because she could see again.

March Story of the Month

Dental Care Takes Care of More Than Teeth

Ten-year-old Simone and 12-year-old Tim, brothers, were recent patients at our Mobile Dental Clinic. Dental work can be stressful for any child and by day four of his care, Simone was growing weary and nervous.

Because the USC Dental team wanted this to be a positive experience for the kids, they called in reinforcements—big brother Tim.

Tim put on the dental scrub and mask, sat by his brother and comforted him to a successful completion of his dental care. By the end of the day big brother Tim wanted to go to dental school.

We are so grateful to the USC Dental School for treating the “whole child” and always taking special care of those who are frightened. The truest definition of TLC!

Simone & Tim-March2014



February Story of the Month

Simplicity Wins Again

 Young & Healthy was created with a very simple and uncomplicated concept: Neighbors helping Neighbors. While health care reform is complicated and confusing, simple kindness never is. Zachary squints at the back of his classroom and his teacher notices. The teacher, in turn, sends him to the school nurse who does a vision screening. The nurse knows the family well, and realizing they cannot afford an eye exam, she calls Young & Healthy. Easy next steps—a volunteer optometrist diagnoses the problem and writes a prescription for glasses. Zachary and his family come to Young & Healthy where he picks out new glasses and yet another volunteer makes the glasses for him. Just neighbors helping neighbors—simple as that.

Feb 14SOTM photo

January Story of the Month

When Facebook Makes Your Day

I’ll admit, I am a latecomer to the world of Facebook. Now that I am a regular user, I can see its real value as a communication tool. But the other day, a posting from a friend made my heart do a little dance.

Sue had come to one of my talks about the new health insurance possibilities. She asked tons of questions, mostly about her adult son. He had a back injury that prevented him from getting insurance or ongoing work. This has put an understandable strain on his family. She took this new information about health insurance to her son, who apparently took action.

On January 4th she posted that her son not only had insurance, but had seen a doctor and had an MRI! Imagine just four days into these new plans and he got action. He is hopefully on his way to diagnosis, treatments and a healthier future. Changing his health status will truly have a ripple effect on his entire family.

Believe me, I know this has been a rocky start with Affordable Care Act—and yet hearing about the positive outcome for this young man makes me proud that Young & Healthy is involved. Onward we go!

Covered CA

December Story of the Month

Sixteen-year-old Ruby was living on the streets in Las Vegas with her mom. Luckily, her Pasadena grandma learned of her awful plight and rescued Ruby.

With food, shelter and safety now in place Grandma began assessing a myriad of needs and challenges she faced with Ruby.

She got Ruby enrolled in high school and stopped by Young & Healthy for additional services. The team quickly replaced her glasses that had been lost in the shuffle. A bit more difficult (but not impossible) is getting Ruby’s Nevada-based public insurance to California’s Medi-Cal. Can you imagine the miles of red tape they will encounter dealing with two different states? Our Young & Healthy team is on it and won’t let go of the challenge until it’s complete.

In the meantime, Ruby has been quite traumatized by her last year on the streets and Young & Healthy will find her the therapeutic support she needs.

When the phone rings and a Young & Healthy voice says “Can I help you?”, we really mean it!

Ruby- Dec2013photo