Category: Story of the Month

September Story of the Month

You Never Stop Learning

Young & Healthy is helping parents thrive! Our parent education classes are a valuable resource for parents in the greater Pasadena area. They are offered free of charge in both English and Spanish to caregivers throughout PUSD. Leila, a mom of three, was attending one of our recent classes at Octavia E. Butler Magnet Middle School and let our Parent Education Program Instructor know that she has been attending the parent education classes since her oldest daughter, Joyce, was in preschool. Joyce is now in middle school and Leila has valued the consistency and support from these classes for all these years. As she faced the challenges and discoveries that come with each age and child, Leila appreciated the safe environment where she felt comfortable and encouraged to share parenting triumphs and concerns while building connections with the other participants. Being a parent means you never stop learning and Young & Healthy is always there to help.

August Story of the Month

Keeping Our Eyes Open

A few weeks ago, Cynthia came into the office to register her two school-aged children for our first Back-to-School Vision Clinic in partnership with Helen Keller Int’l. After she received her appointment, our Care Team member noticed that she did not list any health insurance on her registration form. She stopped Cynthia on her way out and offered our health insurance enrollment services. Cynthia burst into tears. It turns out she had just lost her employment of 23 years and her husband was going to lose his employment at the end of the month. She hadn’t known what her family of five was going to do. She was so grateful to have help enrolling her family in Medi-Cal and a governmental food assistance program. These programs will help ease the stress of their unemployment. Our Care Team is always keeping their eyes open for ways to serve our community, so if you or someone you know needs help with insurance enrollment or access to pediatric healthcare, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to schedule an appointment.

July Story of the Month

It’s a Team Effort

Many times, a person who comes to Young & Healthy for help is assisted by several staff members. A great example of our brand of teamwork is our efforts to help Penelope. Our Program Assistant answered a phone call from a local Pasadena high school teacher and learned that Penelope, a high school student, had passed out in the school bathroom from extreme abdominal pain. Penelope had no health insurance so was nervous about asking for help. The Program Assistant immediately relayed the information to one of our Care Team members who called the school nurse to find out about Penelope’s medical status. The nurse referred Penelope and her sister (who is Penelope’s legal guardian) to our office. When they arrived, one of the Care Team members gave Penelope the necessary paperwork to have her emergency room visit donated by Huntington Hospital, a member of Young & Healthy’s network of professional volunteers. Another Care Worker immediately called Huntington Hospital ER to give them notice that Penelope and her sister were on their way. Penelope was diagnosed with a stomach virus that had caused a very painful inflammation of her liver. She was given intravenous antibiotics and is on the mend. Our Insurance Specialist is assisting Penelope’s sister with her Medi-Cal enrollment, which she initiated the previous week when her sister fell ill. As Penelope heals, she will see a primary care physician whose visit will either be donated through Young & Healthy’s volunteer network or will be covered by their new Medi-Cal insurance. At Young & Healthy we are all invested in our clients, and it is always a team effort.

June Story of the Month

You Can Count on Us

Anna, a mother of two, walked into Young & Healthy asking for assistance with Mental Health services for her son. After speaking to her and determining the best possible referral and steps to follow, Anna became emotional and told our case worker that she knew Young & Healthy could help her.

Anna said that years ago, her daughter received Mental Health Services through a Young & Healthy provider and would not be where she is today if it weren’t for that critical care. Her daughter is graduating from Cal Poly Pomona, lives in an apartment on her own, is employed, and has a bright future ahead of her. Anna is so grateful for the support her daughter received and has faith that we can help her son because her daughter is living proof that our services help families.

Anna left our office empowered with the referral for her son and also the knowledge that she can always count on Young & Healthy to be there for her and her children.

May Story of the Month

Service that Goes Above and Beyond

Young & Healthy met the Stark family as a referral from a PUSD elementary school when nine-year-old Rebecca was experiencing dental pain. Our Care Team secured a dental visit with our professional volunteer dentist, Dr. Ravindran, and Rebecca had a tooth extracted and was back at school the next day pain-free.  The following week, the Care Team followed up with Rebecca’s father, Ralph, who is a very soft-spoken man. Ralph opened up about other challenges his family was facing. Since the pandemic, he has not been able to find full time work and has been doing free-lance IT jobs while his wife, Amy, works part-time. Ralph spoke about the family’s dire need for health insurance. Their four-year-old son, Daniel, was about to start school and needed a physical and dental exam, as well as updated immunizations. The Care Team immediately secured a visit to a Pasadena provider that would grant Daniel temporary Medi-Cal coverage to access the necessary services. Our insurance specialist also met with Ralph and Amy to help them apply for health insurance and informed them of the free VITA tax preparation services through our partnership with CSULA. Ralph and Amy had their taxes prepared during a Saturday VITA tax preparation day where they qualified for the Earned Income Tax Credit and a much-needed refund.

Young & Healthy’s commitment to service enables us to connect with families and ease their challenges. Our reach extends well beyond a dental visit and with no financial burden to the families we serve.