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October Story of the Month

Insurance Doesn’t Always Mean ACCESS

 Sasha is young and pregnant.  She had health care coverage under her family’s Medi-Cal insurance. In theory, her prenatal care should all have been taken care of—IN THEORY.

But Sasha has multiple challenges. First, she is no longer welcome at home, so she has lost access to her family’s insurance. Trying to do right by the baby, she sought prenatal care at a local clinic. When she could not pay her bills, she was no longer welcome at the clinic for prenatal care. The domino effect was in full force for Sasha.

When she came to Young & Healthy, the most important issue for Sasha – prenatal care – was addressed immediately! One of our volunteer doctors cared for her, while staff worked hard to obtain an individual insurance plan on her behalf.  Once insurance was obtained for Sasha, we were able to send her back to a local clinic for care and the delivery of her baby. Our doctor filled a gap in service at a very crucial time.

We look forward to meeting Sasha’s baby in a few months when she comes to visit Young & Healthy.

August Story of the Month

Sometimes the answer is YES

The staff alerted me to two challenges when taking dental referrals: 1) We didn’t have enough dentists to treat our youngest clients (under six); and 2) we didn’t have the resources we needed to treat our teenage clients who needed root canals and crowns.

 We held a dinner for our volunteer dentists and asked for their best thinking. Within a week we had a plan to recruit doctors to treat little ones, and several dentists who will do root canals, as well as a dental lab that will donate crowns.

 Pretty good timing for 17-year-old Desiree, whose mouth was so damaged that she needed partial dentures.

 A year ago, we would have been without resources, but today we have the gift of Den-Tech who is building new dentures. Desiree is on her way to a healthy mouth, and we are most grateful.

Summer Story of the Month

Last week there was the usual quiet hum of conversation at Young & Healthy. Clients and staff were quietly discussing health options for their children or which insurance plans would work best for their families. Suddenly it wasn’t so quiet. I heard a very animated voice say, “OMG, OMG I can’t believe it! You are the best, thank you! I was so lucky to find you–thank you, thank you! I think I will actually be able to sleep tonight.”

Curiosity got the best of me, and as the woman left our office, I inquired about the happy outburst. It turns out she had just moved to California, leaving her health insurance behind, and she is eight months pregnant. Our insurance specialist was able to maneuver through the insurance options and get her covered pretty quickly. Wow, no wonder she was happy!

You just never know what a day at Young & Healthy will bring; so glad this service brought so much relief!

April Story of the Month

You can be brave…with a little help.

Gabrielle was so scared. She would not open her mouth for our nurse to do a screening. After much gentle cajoling, she finally opened her mouth and the nurse could see why she was so scared. Gabrielle’s mouth was a mess and she would certainly need extensive dental work at our clinic.

The quick thinking nurse asked Gabrielle to write down three things she would want the dentist to know:

                1. “I want to have clean teeth.”

                2. “I want to have healthy teeth.”

                3. “I am really scared, so please tell me everything you are going to do.”

That simple note followed Gabrielle through the clinic. Each dentist responded with gentle encouragement every step of the way. Gabrielle completed six appointments in one week. She left the clinic with a brilliant smile and a real sense of accomplishment. Those wonderful dentists helped her be brave when she wasn’t sure she could be.