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May Story of the Month

Every Step of the Way

Meet Alberto, a devoted single father to three teenage girls. When he faced the distressing reality of losing his job, he knew he could turn to us for help navigating this challenging time. Alberto has been a client of Young & Healthy for many years and we were there to support him and help him manage his way through this financial crisis.

Our Care Team was immediately able to get Alberto enrolled in Medi-Cal and Cal Fresh. But that is not where this story ends. Alberto confided in us that he needed help with additional urgent supplies for his daughters – namely feminine hygiene. We knew without these products the girls might have had to miss school or other activities that they participate in and that they would be uncomfortable, emotionally and physically. We were able to connect with our various community partners and in a matter of hours delivered hygiene kits for the daughters and $50 in gas and grocery gift cards for the family.

For us, this wasn’t just about meeting Alberto’s immediate needs; it was about showing him that he is not alone on this journey. Young & Healthy is with our clients every step of the way.

April Story of the Month

Stressful Dilemma

Chronic medical conditions can create stressful dilemmas. Oscar, a forty-year-old insurance salesman, learned he would lose his company’s private health insurance due to a chronic medical condition that prevented him from working. Fearing the loss of access to his trusted medical team at a local hospital, Oscar contacted Young & Healthy.  Our Insurance Specialist collaborated with the hospital to transition Oscar to Medi-Cal from his private insurance while ensuring that there was no lapse in his coverage. Maintaining continuity of care with a familiar medical team can significantly contribute to a patient’s overall well-being and recovery. Oscar can now focus on his health without the added stress of insurance issues.

March Story of the Month

Making It Happen

Moments before our recent Mobile Dental Clinic opened its doors, there was a palpable sense of anticipation – not just of the important work that would be done, but for the stories that would unfold and remind us why our mission matters. Martin, a high school junior, missed out on our clinic the previous October. Undeterred, he sought assistance from a trusted teacher to complete the paperwork and enrolled himself in the February clinic. Despite requiring a deep root canal, a service beyond the clinic’s scope, Martin, with the help of his brother, received the necessary treatment from a volunteer dentist in Los Angeles. 

Then there’s Alice, a teenager with a troubled home life. At 13, she had endured over a decade without dental care. Despite the emotional strain, Alice took matters into her own hands and enlisted help from her school counselor to navigate the paperwork and secure her place at our clinic. With courage and determination, Alice reclaimed control of her dental health, understanding its profound importance, and refusing to let her circumstances dictate her well-being.

But it’s not just the students; parents like Vanessa and Maria showed us unwavering dedication. Felix’s mom, Vanessa, discovered our clinic through social media and despite having limited time with Felix due to shared custody, she devoted her weekend to ensure Felix received the extensive dental treatment he needed, even negotiating with her ex-husband for extra time to complete the procedures.

And then there’s Alejandro’s mother, Maria, whose love knows no bounds. Despite her own mobility challenges, Maria embarked on a daily journey with Alejandro by bus to the clinic, refusing to let anything stand in the way of her son’s dental health.

These are not just stories; they’re real-life examples of doing what is necessary to make it happen. They remind us that behind every dental procedure, there is resilience, love, and sacrifice And for Young & Healthy, our mission is not just about providing dental care—it’s about ensuring that families like Martin’s, Alice’s, Felix’s, and Alejandro’s, find the hope and possibility they need.

February Story of the Month

Moving to a new country can be difficult under any circumstance. When you are unsure of the nuances of language, culture, and local legislation—even more so.

We often receive calls from families arriving to Pasadena who need help navigating our school and healthcare system. Juan and Eliana were two such parents. They came to us through a referral from a family member and we were very happy to be able to help them. They had tried enrolling their children in school on their own, but language barriers and complicated forms made that difficult. They were determined to set their children up for success by getting them into a school and making sure they had healthcare.

We are proud that we can be a full-service support to families like these. Our ongoing commitment is that children in our community that are in need will always have us on their side. Juan and Eliana now have three children that are enrolled in school, have medical coverage, and are about to participate in our upcoming Mobile Dental Clinic. This is what we call a win!

January Story of the Month


Talking about mental health used to be a conversation that was stigmatized and feared. Fortunately, that notion seems to be moving into the past. Where the focus of a child’s wellbeing used to be solely on physical health, parents and care professionals have come to realize that mental health is just as critical. Sadly, sometimes the associated costs for therapy are not sustainable and parents are unable to provide for the care the child so desperately needs.

Scotty is a vibrant and very active first grader. At his school, Scotty has been a part of Young & Healthy’s Mindfulness program. This is a program specifically designed to give children the tools to help with focus, self-soothing, and handling difficult feelings.

Scotty’s mother noticed that he was really doing well in the program but still had some areas of concern in his overall mental wellbeing. She wanted to have a professional work with him, but at $200 per visit, it seemed out of reach. When she told us of her limitations, we saw an opportunity to help. In coordination with Pasadena Unified School District’s THRIVE mental health program, we were able to connect Scotty (and his mom!) with the services they were seeking. As a result of Scotty’s participation in this mental health program, both he and his mom are thriving!