August Story of the Month

Sometimes the answer is YES

The staff alerted me to two challenges when taking dental referrals: 1) We didn’t have enough dentists to treat our youngest clients (under six); and 2) we didn’t have the resources we needed to treat our teenage clients who needed root canals and crowns.

 We held a dinner for our volunteer dentists and asked for their best thinking. Within a week we had a plan to recruit doctors to treat little ones, and several dentists who will do root canals, as well as a dental lab that will donate crowns.

 Pretty good timing for 17-year-old Desiree, whose mouth was so damaged that she needed partial dentures.

 A year ago, we would have been without resources, but today we have the gift of Den-Tech who is building new dentures. Desiree is on her way to a healthy mouth, and we are most grateful.

At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

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