August Story of the Month

More Than a One-Stop Shop

Forty-year-old, Isabella heard that Young & Healthy was now helping people with their taxes.  She was desperate and wanted an immediate appointment. She knew she was likely eligible for a tax refund and she really needed that money.

Isabella had just been to the dentist and was horrified to discover her need for some dental work that would far exceed what her insurance would cover. She needed that tax return!

The Young & Healthy team set Isabela up with a tax appointment for the following week and suggested she also meet with our insurance advocate. Perhaps he could help her review the estimated costs from her dentist.

When he looked at the estimate, which was nearly $5,000, he suspected something was not right. Isabela was told that her dental insurance wouldn’t cover the work. The dental office had not actually inquired about the services with Isabella’s insurance company. Our advocate helped her change to a dentist who would submit the eventual claim to her insurance company, and sure enough, the dental work WAS, indeed, a covered service!

This is the Young & Healthy way—come in for one need and leave with many solutions. Isabella will get her tax refund and her needed dental care.

At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

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