August Story of the Month #2

Caring with Grace

Young & Healthy was recently contacted by Mona, who needed assistance with changing her son’s primary care physician (PCP).  Ronnie, who turned 18 in October, needed to see his PCP as soon as possible for a reoccurring boil above his tail bone that had burst. Though Ronnie’s situation was urgent, he was unable to see his previously designated PCP because the doctor was a pediatrician and pediatricians do not see patients 18 and older. Besides there being a lag time to change a PCP, Mona felt uncomfortable being forced to randomly choose a PCP under pressure, but clearly, her son needed medical attention as soon as possible.

Our case manager promptly secured an appointment for Ronnie with one of our volunteer healthcare professionals so that the nasty boil could be cared for by a physician immediately.  The doctor provided antibiotics and recommended surgery. In the meantime, Mona was able to carefully select a PCP of her choice for her son.  Once the PCP was changed, Ronnie visited his new PCP and received a referral to a surgeon under his insurance.  Young & Healthy has since checked-in with the family. Ronnie is doing much better and Mona is extremely grateful and relieved that Young & Healthy was able to allow her the “grace period” to be able to choose a PCP for Ronnie’s care, by taking care of his urgent need and helping her to make the PCP change.

At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

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