April Story of the Month


Going the Extra Mile

A high-school student with a broken wrist was referred to Young & Healthy. Being brand new in the area (aka America), the boy was slow to get attention for his wrist.  Instead, we did not hear of his situation until at least a week after the wrist was hurt.  This allowed plenty of time for the wrist to begin to set and start to heal, but not correctly and not without pain.  One of our Young & Healthy volunteer doctors put a cast on the wrist, but it wasn’t going to be perfect.  Follow-up physical therapy was needed, but the boy’s father had consistently long work days that did not allow him to take his son to physical therapy appointments. So, the boy needed to go by himself. He had never utilized public transportation  before and did not know his way around in his new city, so our empathetic case manager took screen shots of the different stops on Google Maps and sent them to the boy to help him navigate the route.  Talk about going above and beyond!

At Young and Healthy we have found a simple solution to a complex problem.

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